EPIC Solar Power

Thermal-Tec is excited to announce a brand new venture into the solar energy industry. EPIC (Energy Production Independence Company) is a subsidiary of Thermal-Tec focused on adapting our existing roof technologies for solar power generation. Our current spray-on application is on the cusp of revolutionizing the entire clean-energy industry. By creating an easy-to-apply and durable solution, EPIC will be able to do what no other company has done before: affordable solar energy on a large scale. Our team is deep into development on this new facet of the MR Multi-Ply® Roof System and can’t wait to reveal more soon! If you can’t wait until then, please Contact Us for more details.

Turn Your Roof Into an Asset

Are you interested in your roof generating additional revenue for your company? To see how much you could produce, use our simple energy calculator below!

How big is your roof?

50,000 sq. ft.

This is how efficient a solar cell is at turning sunlight into electricity. EPIC will start around 15% with an ever-growing potential. Conventional solar cells cap out around 30%.


The national average is 10.45. Check your electricity bill, or use this chart to see your state's average.

10.45 cents per kWh

This is how much sunlight hits your location. Use this map to determine the number that fits best.

400 wH/sqft/day

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