Metal Supplier Stays Leak-Free with MR Multi-Ply Roof System

Largest Mini-Mill Operator in the World

South Carolina

200,000 Square Feet of Roof

Day in and day out this facility creates their very own metal, which they roll into panels. These panels are then shipped across the world to be used to construct new metal buildings and to repair damaged metal roof panels. Their only problem, the process it takes to make their metal panels destroy their own metal roof.

This was not a secret to them, and they tried to keep up with replacing the panels. Every 2 to 3 years, they would shut the plant down, take some of the highest quality newest metal panels they had produced, and climb up to the roof. While they took off the damaged panels, or place a new panel on top of the old one, they had to ensure that absolutely nothing or no one fell through the hole to the mini-mill below. If something fell, it could damage their expensive machinery or damage product on it’s way to a client. If someone fell through the roof, it meant death or at best a long recovery process. Even panels that didn’t need to be replaced, were still weakened and dangerous to walk on.

The maintenance team and engineers tried a variety of other roof systems, lower costing white coatings, singly ply membranes. These changed their class “A” roof to a highly-flammable class “C”. This was a tremendous gamble that has sidelined more than one highly productive facility. Some would last up to a few years, but when they were removed, their metal roof was still beyond repair. They needed to find a roof system that allowed people to safely go up on their roof while keeping their equipment and products dry. One engineer had recently seen Thermal-Tec install their MR Multi-Ply system onto a less volatile facility and he was impressed with how well it kept up.

That engineer called Thermal-Tec’s metal roof expert to take a look at this facility’s metal roof. Because of the facility’s aggressive environment, the metal roof expert knew that only a roof system that had a Class A fire rating from FM Global and backed by ISNet and BROWZ would be durable enough to keep the roof leak-free. The MR Multi-Ply roof system was able to do that, withstand the facility’s volatile environment, as well as add 50-80,000 of new tensile strength to their existing metal panels, maintaining a safe walkable roof surface.

When the installation crew arrived, production was still able to continue at full speed below while they applied the MR Multi-Ply system to their existing metal panels.

Over 10  years later and the facility continues to make its metal panels without fear that any roof leaks will damage them. Your production should never be “weather permitting.” You know that.

MR Multi-Ply Metal Roof System Before and After