SPF Foam Roof Repair & Replacement

The Solution for SPF Foam Roof Leaks

Erroneously sold as a quick roof with good R-value, this type of roof isn’t right for commercial building roofs. It was invented as insulation material for refrigeration and industrial insulation, not as the sole barrier to weather and the elements, even though it’s been used that way for over 50 years.

Polyurethane foam roofing often blisters which is commonly caused by the presence of moisture. Without proper waterproofing and a layer of insulation under the exterior of the roof, any condensation can generate problems with the roofing material. Spray foam has been known to delaminate from the existing surface, causing the need for major roof repair.

Also, any extremely sharp object could leave a hole that compromises the integrity of the roof.

Sprayed polyurethane foam can be used on almost any size or shape of roof whether the roof is of new construction or an existing roof. It is primarily seen on flat or “low sloped” roofs.

In our experience, the cost to repair this type of roof outweighs its insulating value.

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