Bonnell Aluminum

Building age: 71 years old
Industry: Aluminum Production
Location: Carthage Bush Creek, TN
Roof issues: Leaks above furnace
    • White coating had accelerated metal degradation


    • Multiple internal gutter leaks


    • Metal panels had completely rotted through


    • Area B1 needed replacement panels


White coatings are popular in the warmer regions due to their reflective properties. But the nature of coatings in general is more akin to that of paint.

They can seal out liquid, but end up trapping in moisture vapor because the coating isn't permeable. This leads to an accelerated degradation of the metal panels, once internal and operational off-gassing meets the vapor.

With gutters failing, and metal panels being eaten away at an accelerated rate, Bonnell was taking on more moisture each year they didn't take action.


Metal degradation from underneath


Failed roof system seam, unsuccessfully repaired

The solution:

    • Replace and reinforce any hazardous panels with new metal


    • Fix and reinforce all internal gutters wherever needed


    • Custom-fit our MR Multi-Ply Roofing System to seal any leaks and add an additional 80-100 thousand pounds of tensile strength.
Roof Repair for Aluminum Industry


Commercial Roofers Repair Aluminum Manufacturer Roof

In Process


Exposed, degrading gutters

Repaired Internal Gutters on Commercial Building

Sealing gaps with flashing

Commercial Roofer Repairing Internal Gutters

Gutters in process

Commercial Roofer Repairing Internal Gutters

Continued gutters in process

Sealed Metal Roof Gutters

All gutter edges sealed

Sealed Metal Roof Gutters

Sealed gutters with MR Multi-Ply System