Commercial Roofing Solutions for Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities

Industrial roofs in the manufacturing industry take more abuse than what’s considered to be normal wear - from things like regular exposure to the sun, wind, and other elements. Additional factors like process heating temperatures, exposure to chemicals, exhaust systems, and residues from the manufacturing process, all contribute to the accelerated degradation of industrial metal roofs.

That’s not all. Facility and plant managers also have to factor in how their pre-engineered metal buildings themselves, are affecting the roof. Some examples include:

  • Building racking
  • Metal expansion and contraction
  • Continual vibrations from large equipment
  • On top of the roof, HVAC units, stacks, elevated units, and tall fasteners
  • Inside the facility, anything fastened to the roof including heaters, cranes

Fixing Roof Leaks Before They Get Larger with Preventative Maintenance.

In manufacturing, you already understand the importance of preventative maintenance. You’ve likely invested significant capital into your equipment because you understand the return on your investment; and it has paid off.

You do everything you can to ensure up-time and maximum output. But knowing that roof leaks are inevitable in these environments can still be worrisome. Even though you’ve tried to mitigate every potential down-time culprit, it’s easy to miss something like a new leak because the water is still collecting above your head.

Manufacturing Facility Roof Leak

We Fix Industrial Building Roof Leaks

Having an unsafe work area or having to shut down a manufacturing line could result in thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Moreover, a leaky roof could damage your expensive machinery, and because of willful neglect, your insurance may not pay for the cost of repair/replacement. We can help.

Manufacturing Facility Metal Roof Repair