Commercial Roofing Solutions for the Steel and Aluminum Industries

Commercial roofs for the steel, aluminum, and nonferrous metals industries experience extremely critical indoor environments when compared to other industries. Not only MUST your roof be watertight, but it must also withstand incredibly high temperatures in corrosive conditions. You need a permanent roofing solution that can stand up to these factors while effectively sealing out moisture and contaminants.

Again, extreme process heating from machinery like coke ovens, blast furnaces, oxygen furnaces, etc, will heat up to 2600*F. Added to that are the already corrosive conditions from constant chemical usage, machine exhaust, and residues from processing. It's understood why these metal roofs will degrade faster than those of other industries.

Steel Industry Roof

Understanding the Roofing Needs of Foundries and Forges

Foundries and forges are some of the most dangerous environments to work in. The extreme temperatures alone, exacerbate many faulty characteristics of pre-engineered metal buildings and their roofing systems.  Maintenance and facility managers need to keep an eye on:

  • Building racking
  • Roof expansion and contraction
  • Wind, rain, snow, hail
  • Building vibrations
  • On top of the roof, HVAC units, stacks, tall fasteners, etc.
  • Inside the facility, anything fastened to the roof including heaters, cranes, and air filtration systems
Steel Industry Metal Roof Damage

Steel and Aluminum Facility Roof Repair & Restoration 

Finally, you know the dangers of water, and wet charge materials are a serious safety hazard for foundries. Therefore, steel and aluminum manufacturing facilities must be water-tight.

Water, moisture, or any liquid-bearing material instantaneously turns to steam when coming in contact with molten metal. The molten metal can then expand to 1,600 times its original volume - producing a violent explosion. This occurs without warning, throwing molten metal and other high-temperature solids out of the furnace.  This puts workers, the furnace itself, and nearby plant equipment at risk.

Thermal-Tec’s MR Multi-Ply® Roof System is one of the few in the industry that can stand up to high-intensity, mission-critical environments. Our asphalt-based layers are resistant to corrosion, heat, and chemical degradation. This makes our roofing system essential to the steel and aluminum manufacturing industries.

A leaky roof continuously dripping water on to the production floor. If the roof leak is not repaired the water will eventually rust the aluminum.