Commercial Roofing Solutions:  Brick, Concrete, and Glass Industries

Industrial and commercial building maintenance managers have many things to consider when selecting or sourcing any kind of roofing solution for their facilities. One of the ways to differentiate between possible roofing solutions is to compare facility needs based on industry specifications.

For industries like the brick, concrete and glass manufacturing sectors - special attention must be given to quality control and other aspects like facility heat load.

Brick manufacturer roof repair

A Watertight Roof Helps Maintain Quality Assurance

Anytime you’re responsible for producing high-grade materials for construction use like bricks, blocks, and other concrete materials – it’s your job to ensure the quality of the product is never compromised.

Architects and engineers responsible for building vital infrastructure are only interested in using quality-assured materials. A leaking roof has the potential to add all kinds of contaminants at any point in the manufacturing process. It all depends on where the leak is. Even something “seemingly” small like a water stain on the ceiling has the potential to grow into a flowing leak when left unaddressed.

Brick Manufacturing Facility Roof Repair

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Fix Your Roof – We Can Help

Running a business means allocating funds to solve the most crucial problems first. It’s easy to consider your roof to be a “low-priority” when there are other pressing issues.

However, an often “overlooked” factor is the determination of whether the facility is in need of a “roof replacement” vs “roof restoration.” A roof restoration costs significantly less than replacing an entire roof.

A restoration from Thermal-Tec can take care of problem areas as well as cover the entire roof.  Covering the whole roof brings the entire structure up to code and adds 80,000 to 100,000lbs of tensile strength to the entire structure. You save money and enjoy peace of mind not having to worry about your roof failing.

Repaired Brick Manufacturer Roof