Roofing Solutions for Government and Municipality Buildings & Facilities

Your job is important. People depend on the services provided by your organization, 24/7.
You want a qualified commercial roofing specialist that will get the job done right and efficiently. Time is money, and you shouldn’t have to waste it waiting for things like:

  • Outsourced contractors
  • Outsourced materials, from multiple vendors
  • Extra bodies (OSHA) to monitor hazardous material handling (Transite)
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How Thermal-Tec Saves You Time

  1. We manufacture our own product, ensuring on-time deliverables, every time.
  2. Our 100% self-reliant installation process ensures that we show up on the job with everything we need, already packed in our trucks.
  3. You only deal with us. No middle-man or sub-contractors.
  4. We’re experts when it comes to our MR Multi-ply® Roof System
    We engineered it.
    We install it.
    We warranty it.

Years of refining our processes and procedures have helped us continually identify, innovate and eliminate any potential inefficiencies along the way. This ensures a faster installation time, fewer people on your roof, and no additional outside resources needed. It has also earned us nationally recognized safety awards.


Military Buildings and Asbestos Cement Roofing

Adding asbestos to cement-manufactured roofing products was a practice that began in the late 1920s. The addition of the fibrous mineral served to reinforce the strength and heat-resistance of corrugated roofing sheets. The insulation and fire-retardant properties became driving factors behind using the material on high-temperature, industrial, and military facilities. The most notable brand of this material was called Transite.

Another unique aspect of our MR Multi-ply® Roof System is its classification as a green alternative to replacing old Transite roofing panels. Because our product effectively contains the carcinogenic material without disturbing it, Thermal-Tec can restore these roofs without OSHA being present.