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States in the south share a diverse climate range due to geological factors including a wide range of topography, and respective proximity to larger bodies of water. Summer months are known to be peppered with thunderstorms. Right out of the gate, you know your roof had better be watertight because southern states take on more water than any other region in the US.

What Your Roof is Up Against

The southeastern states embrace a warm and moist environment throughout much of the year thanks to the jet stream continuously carrying moisture from the Gulf Coast, further inland.  At the same time, severe weather anomalies and fronts can and often do come through. The sudden temperature changes cause catastrophic conditions like tornados, wind storms, large hailstones, and freezing rain.  

Annual precipitation in the Southeast ranges between 60 inches(coastal) to 40 inches(inland)

Annual snowfall in the region ranges between 5 – 25 inches (up to 100 inches in higher elevations) and little to no snow in the southernmost areas.

Extremely Rusted Roof

Coastal proximity has an enormous impact on your roof.  Consider these two facts:

The culprit of course, being salt. Salt itself is a catalyst within water that promotes the exchange of atoms between oxygen and iron. The constant salty water environment is always attacking your metal roof.

Southern Coastal Metal Roof

How We Do It Better

We understand what you’re up against. Your roof sees consistent saltwater moisture year-round. There’s no way to change the environmental conditions, but you can change how you adapt to them. 

Knowing what we know about galvanic corrosion, we’ve engineered our proprietary MR Multi-ply® Roof System to adhere directly to your metal roof. This ensures no gaps between your roof and ours. No gaps means effectively sealing any leaks and preventing oxygen and saltwater from reaching your metal.

Southern States Project Profiles

Have a look at some of our work in the South. 

JW Aluminum
Building age: 40 years old
Industry: Aluminum Production
Location: Mt. Holly, SC
Bonnell Aluminum
Building age: 71 years old
Industry: Aluminum Production
Location: Carthage Bush Creek, TN
Building age: 60 years old
Industry: Aluminum Production
Location: Colbert County, AL