Crown Battery

Building age: 71 years old
Industry: Lead-acid Battery Production
Location: Carthage Bush Creek, TN
Roof issues: Metal Roof Degradation, Leaks above furnace
Crown Battery

In 1962, William J Koenig, a German immigrant in pursuit of the American dream, opened the doors to a small battery repair shop in Fremont, OH.

More than 85 years of experience with lead-acid batteries, chargers and related accessory products have made Crown Battery a leader in the global battery industry.

    • Multiple sections of the roof were extremely corroded, and rotted through.


    • Internal gutters had rotted through.


    • Condensation was continuously reactivating chemical vapors, causing fast-forming rust.

Located in northern Ohio, the Crown Battery facility sees high winds and suficcient precipitation throughout most of the year.  That means any crack, exposed seam, and puncture is collecting water all year long.

Weather aside, it’s what was taking place under the roof that was contributing to the accelorated rate of degredation.

The production of lead-acid batteries is corrosive by nature and includes a combination of dangerous chemicals and heat treating.

Industrial roofs usually have very specigic points in their building where the roof system is degrading faster than the rest of it.


Concentrated area of typical off-gassing


Accelerated degradation from underneath the panel

Industrial roofs usually have very specific points in their building where the roof system is degrading faster than the rest of it.

These vulerable points are almost always underneath areas of conentrated heat, chemical off-gassing, or structural damage.

When one area of the roof gets damaged, managers have to move whatever is under it to a new area of the facility.  And the same thing will happen again and again.

We’re proud to have been working with Crown Batter for more than 15 years – In helping them to restore their roof, section-by-section.

Sealing vulnerable areas with asphalt

Sealing vulnerable areas with asphalt

CB_New_Metal_In Progress

Replacing metal to damaged areas

Application of first asphalt coat

Applying MR Multi-Ply Solution


Application of Granules

In process Completed