Transite, Cement, & Asbestos Roof Repair

Add 100,000 Pounds of Tensile Strength to Your Transite Roof

And now your personnel can use the facility without any building integrity questions or concerns. We have the best transite and asbestos panel roof solution that’s been working for decades for businesses from Canada to Florida and throughout the United States.

Our multi-ply roofing system uses Multi-Vulcan I Asphalt, the oldest waterproofing product ever developed, a geo-textile membrane adding 100,000 pounds of tensile strength, and finishes with a roofing granule. With these three components, we guarantee the results.

Thermal-Tec is easy to do business with and we are ready to serve you! Give us a call today to repair or replace your roof with a quality MR Multi-Ply® Roof System.