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Thermal-Tec MR Roofing System Stops Roof Leaks

Have a leaky, rusty metal roof? Thermal-Tec has been in the roofing business for over 30 years and has tens of millions of feet of roof out there that you can look at.

Folks in your industry, whether it be in steel or aluminum alloy production, have a lot of concerns with leaky roofs.

Our system is specially designed for the type of work you are doing. It is corrosion resistant, so during your production the vapors produced do not harm the product.

The furnaces you operate can be a real problem for roofs. After a short period of time, the expansion and contraction created by these furnaces will cause these roofs to leak.

The Thermal-Tec MR Roofing System has a polyester membrane that expands and contracts, so as happens we have a system that works with the building. We want it to move as your building moves. With the polyester in place it also adds 100,000 pounds of tensile strength to the roof. The MR Roofing system is impervious to alkalies, acids, chlorine, and chloride. Our system is not harmed by those products. White coatings are not the answer – white coatings will lessen some of your thermal shock but they won’t stop the leaks.

You need that full polyester membrane to stop leaks. We have done work for a number of companies within your industry. We are easy to do business with, give us a call today 1-800-531-9798.

Examples of Standard Rib Roofs