MR MULTI-PLY® Roof System | How It Works

Aggressive Environment Roof Restoration & Protection











Layered Roofing Design Creates the Highest Quality Industrial Roofing Solution

Our signature MR Multi-Ply® Roof System uses unique layers to maximize the protection and longevity of your existing roof. It's the premier roofing solution for aggressive manufacturing environments.

The MR Multi-Ply® Roof System How It Works

Metal Panel

Base Metal Panel

The MR Multi-Ply system is ideal for pitched metal, transite, asbestos, and fiberglass roofs.

second asphalt layer over membrane

2nd Asphalt Coating

A second layer of asphalt seals in the membrane and provides further protection.

Asphalt layer over metal panel

1st Asphalt Coating

A layer of liquid asphalt is laid down directly on the roof to form the base of the system.

Thermal-Tec Roofing MR Multi-Ply Roof Solution

Granule Finish

The final layer, the energy-efficient granules, ensures your roof stays cool.

polyester membrane over first asphalt layer

Polyester Membrane

The polyester membrane ensures no leaks are generated by the roof and adds 100K lbs. of tensile.

Optional reflective surface layer

Optional Aluminum Reflective Finish

Available in a variety of colors.

Aggressive Environment | Client Testimonials

CB&I - Chicago Bridge & Iron"Thermal-Tec installed the MR Multi-Ply Roofing System at our Chicago Bridge & Iron facility in Plainfield, IL in 2002.  They provided an outstanding roof system with leak-free results.  Their safety procedures went above and beyond what other companies were offering.

We did not have to worry about interruption to our operation before, during or after the installation.  I would not hesitate to discuss my encounter with Thermal-Tec with any of my fellow colleagues in the Chicago Bridge & Iron family."  

Crown Battery - Battery Manufacturing

"Crown Battery Mfg. co. has been using Thermal-Tec for over five years. In the past, we have had problems with leaking and rusting due to the use of chemicals used in our process. We have not had a roof-related safety violation or concern since the application of the MR Multi-Ply Roofing System. We are looking forward to working with Thermal-Tec now and into the future."

Tennessee Aluminum Processors

"Thermal-Tec has re-roofed approximately 95% of our Shelbyville Tennessee facility. Our concern for a safe and dry working environment is being resolved. We are no longer concerned about customer’s products being water stained or production being stopped or altered due to roof leaks."

"We selected Thermal-Tec to perform roof work at our Nucor Steel in Birmingham, Al in 2007 and 2008. Thermal-Tec met and exceeded our on-site safety requirements. Work was performed on highly sensitive areas in the plant and there were no complaints or concerns for safety during the time their personnel were on site. We consider Thermal-Tec a strong candidate for our future roofing needs."