Why We Shouldn’t Paint Brick or Block Walls

As one of the oldest building materials, humans have used for centuries, there are many different kinds of bricks/ blocks.  However, most ‘classic’ brick types we see on buildings and commercial facilities today share a similar manufacturing process which includes:   Crushing/ Grinding of raw clay material and other granular aggregate Adding Water Formed by […]

MR MULTI-PLY® Roof System | How It Works

Aggressive Environment Roof Restoration & Protection                     Layered Roofing Design Creates the Highest Quality Industrial Roofing Solution Our signature MR Multi-Ply® Roof System uses unique layers to maximize the protection and longevity of your existing roof. It’s the premier roofing solution for aggressive manufacturing environments. Your […]

Fall Safety: What to do Next

So, you’re aware of the rooftop hazards and the risks they pose. Do you know what your obligations are?  Click here to understand the essentials of fall safety and the responsibilities and obligations of building owners and managers.

Women In Construction Week 2022

Celebrating Women In Construction Week 2022! While the construction industry today is 90% male-dominated, Thermal-Tec would like to recognize one of our most vital employees of more than 11 years! READ THE ARTICLE HERE

Fastener Backout: Areas of Concern on Your Roof

Metal roofs are typically the standard for large commercial and industrial buildings. The characteristics of metal roof panels are advantageous for many industries, especially those with critical manufacturing environments, prone to intense heat. But simply having a metal roof doesn’t guarantee a leak-free production floor. Metal roofs come with their own share of issues that […]


Wondering what it’s like working with Thermal-Tec? We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our commitment to those we serve. Check out our client feedback and reviews to get a better understanding of the Thermal-Tec Advantage.  You can view all of our Google Business Reviews here as well. Nathan Steel Dynamics “Mike and his team […]

Critical Supplier Designation Letter

Per the executive order, as of Monday 7/13/2020, every employee and guest must wear a mask to enter the building. As a provider that protects and maintains the safety and management of your assets and critical inventories, we are open and here to help your business to continue to run smoothly through this ever-evolving crisis. […]