Roofing Protection – MR Multi-Ply® Roof System

Our signature multi-ply roofing process uses unique layers to maximize the protection and longevity of your existing roof. Since 1983, the MR Multi-Ply® Roof System has restored and protected tens of millions of square feet of metal, fiberglass, and built-up roof systems, saving millions of dollars in roof replacement costs and providing a safe and productive environment from retail space, to hazardous and very aggressive production facilities. Thermal-Tec is a nationwide, commercial roofing and industrial roofing contractor that specializes in metal roof repair, metal roof coatings, roof leak repair, roof maintenance, roof replacement, and roof restoration. Our MR Multi-Ply® Roof System is a revolutionary single ply roofing product specifically designed to repair aluminum roofs, corrugated roofs, galvanized roofing, membrane roof, standing seam roofs, and sheet metal roofing. We are THE #1 roofing specialists and roofing consultants.

Layered Roofing Design Creates Highest Quality Industrial Roofing

Base Roof Panel

The MR Multi-Ply® Roofing System is designed for pitched metal, transite, asbestos, and fiberglass roofs.

First Asphalt Layer

A layer of Multi-Vulcan I Asphalt is applied directly to the roof, forming the base of the system.

Polyester Membrane

The polyester membrane, Vulcan-Ply, adds strength and flexibility.

Second Asphalt Layer

A second layer of Multi-Vulcan I Asphalt seals in the membrane and provides further protection.


A final layer of energy-efficient Vulcan-slag granules are added to ensure your roof stays cool.

Alternative Energy Star Finish

Energy Star Reflective, and colored finishes also available.

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