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"Great quality product and professional service! Their crews worked safely and extensively on our roof project - Approx. 400,000 SQ FT. Thermal-Tec was instrumental in connecting with our team to adapt their system to our large, roof mount solar array that was simultaneously being installed.

I was impressed with the constant communication from their project coordinators as well as their commitment to safety and ensuring the facility had no production interruptions. The entire project was a non-event for us, and we now have a renewable roof system and dry production space! Highly recommend for metal roof restoration and any facility looking to adapt roof mounted solar."


Steel Dynamics

"Mike and his team took care of everything quickly and safely, as always. I’m sure we will have some more projects to work with you all on in the near future."

Larry E. Emery

CEO - ELMCO Engineering

"We contracted Thermal Tec to repair a small portion of our factory’s standing seem roof that was leaking around 5 years ago. That repair was done timely & on budget. Their repair worked great & we haven’t experienced a water leak since. Earlier this year we discovered hail damage on our entire roof. So, I called Thermal Tec & ask for a quotation to use their process on our entire roof. Our insurance was thankful since we preferred the Thermal Tec repair as opposed to an entire new roof. The Thermal Tec repair was again completed on time & on budget. The Thermal Tec roof covering has enhanced the appearance of our entire facility. The Thermal Tec crew was very professional. They even cleaned up our parking lot & gutters before leaving. We couldn’t even tell they had been here other than leaving a more beautiful looking roof behind."

James Johnson

"We have been using Thermal-Tec Roofing for over 15 years now, and every project they have done for us, has stood the test of time. I recently had another project in mind and they were the first company I thought of calling. We scheduled an appointment, they came out, spent a generous amount of time looking over the project, explaining why we were having the problem and how their product would work well for our situation. I am currently waiting on the quote and i am sure it will be a fair estimate."

Mike Alexander

"From the procurement perspective, they are very responsive to RFQ requests and once job is awarded, they show up on time and work safely. Overall, they are higher than other roofers, but the quality of the roof mostly makes the 10 year warranty period."

David McBride

"Thermal-Tec did everything as proposed. The work was done in a professional fashion with the job site cleaned up as promised. The results have been fantastic. A little over a year since they completed the work and the roof has not leaked once. I’ve been here for 40 years and this is a first. Great product and professionally installed. Very pleased with the whole process!"

Bill Guntorius

Maintenance Supervisor

"Thermal-Tec installed the MR Multi Ply Roofing System at our Chicago Bridge & Iron facility in Plainfield, IL in 2002.  They provided an outstanding roof system with leak free results.  Their safety procedures went above and beyond what other companies were offering.

We did not have to worry about interruption to our operation before, during or after the installation.  I would not hesitate to discuss my encounter with Thermal-Tec with any of my fellow colleagues in the Chicago Bridge & Iron family.  I can be reached at 815-439-6000."

Jim Kabitzke

Olin Brass

"Thermal-Tec installed their MR Multi-ply system at our facility on two roofs;  Raw Material Building (2009) and Engineering Office Building (2010).  Both buildings had numerous leaks and the built-up roofs were in extremely poor condition.  They provided an outstanding roof system, which has exceeded our expectations.  No interruptions to our operations were experienced during installation.  Their crews worked well with our personnel.

Thermal-Tec’s safety program fulfilled all the requirements of our comprehensive safety program, with no issues or violations while on site.  I would strongly recommend Thermal-Tec to anyone needing a professional, safety-oriented roofing company."

Chris Kovalsky

Plant Engineer, Nucor Steel Birmingham

"We selected Thermal-Tec to perform roof work at our Nucor Steel in Birmingham, Al in 2007 and 2008. Thermal-Tec met and exceeded our on-site safety requirements. Work was performed on highly sensitive areas in the plant and there were no complaints or concerns for safety during the time their personnel were on site. We consider Thermal-Tec a strong candidate for our future roofing needs."

Bill Dobish

Maintenance Director ,Imco/Aleris Recycling

“As Maintenance Director at the Coldwater, Michigan Alchem facility, this letter serves as an outline of my experience working with Thermal-Tec/Michigan Inc. over the past two years. They have successfully completed several small to large projects on our roof and I have been very satisfied with the safety, the service and the product’s ability to adapt to the difficult environment in which it has been installed. The projects have been performed on time and under budget. At this time, I see no reason why the balance of our manufacturing facility will not be entirely completed using the MR Multi-Ply Roofing System.”

Larry Wayne

Tennessee Aluminum Processors

"We have selected Thermal-Tec to perform roof work at our Tennessee Aluminum Processors facility. Thermal-Tec has met and exceeded our on-site safety requirements. Work was performed on various areas in the plant and there were no complaints or concerns for safety during the time their personnel was on site. We are looking forward to working with them with all our future roofing needs."

Chris Presley

Imco/Aleris Recycling

"Thermal-Tec has re-roofed approximately 95% of our Shelbyville Tennessee facility. Our concern for a safe and dry working environment is being resolved. We are no longer concerned about customer’s products being water stained or production being stopped or altered due to roof leaks."

Robert Michael Jr

Director of Plant Engineering, Crown Battery

"Crown Battery Mfg. co. has been using Thermal-Tec for over five years. In the past, we have had problems with leaking and rusting due to the use of chemicals used in our process. We have not had a roof-related safety violation or concern since the application of the MR Multi-Ply Roofing System. We are looking forward to working with Thermal-Tec now and into the future."

Bill Phillips

Bermco Aluminum

"We're a secondary aluminum smelter in Birmingham, Alabama. We melt aluminum and we have furnaces with 1400 degree molten metal in it 24 hours a day, six, seven days a week. We, uh, began our relationship with Thermal-Tec about seven or eight years ago when Robert came in and, uh, we decided to give him a try.

He put in his MR Multi-Ply roofing system. And we've been very well pleased with it. As a matter of fact, we probably over a period of the last seven years did about better than half of our plant roofing with it. Uh, their crews were well organized, well supervised, and worked very safely. They understood the reason for the safety rules, so therefore, we had no problem.

Now, as we all know, as operating people outside contractors can occasionally be a bit of a burden, not so with Thermal–Tec’s crews. They ask for room to place their stuff, you give it to 'em, they do the job, they leave, they clean up. The only way you know they've been there is 'cause you have no more leaks.

I would not hesitate to recommend Thermal-Tec as I have done in the past and will continue to do, and I'll assure you any and all of my roofing needs will be done by Thermal-Tec. Thank you."