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Fastener Backout: Areas of Concern on Your Roof

Metal roofs are typically the standard for large commercial and industrial buildings. The characteristics of metal roof panels are advantageous for many industries, especially those with critical manufacturing environments, prone to intense heat. But simply having a metal roof doesn’t guarantee a leak-free production floor. Metal roofs come with their own share of issues that […]


Wondering what it’s like working with Thermal-Tec? We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our commitment to those we serve. Check out our client feedback and reviews to get a better understanding of the Thermal-Tec Advantage.  You can view all of our Google Business Reviews here as well. Jason Ravago “Great quality product and professional […]

Wet Insulation: Safety and Health Concerns

Should you worry about wet insulation? Your roof has a minor leak, but it isn’t causing any apparent damage or safety concerns – or is it? What you can’t see is that your insulation is wet, and that is an expensive thing to replace. It’s also a dangerous thing to ignore because many insulations contain […]

Limitations of Membrane Roofing Systems – EPDM, TPO, PVC

The importance of using the correct type of roofing system cannot be understated. To ensure safety, the roofing material must be suitable for the intended use of the building. Understanding the limitations of EPDM, TPO, and PVC roofing systems will help you make the right choice for your building. This prevents accidents, including employee safety […]

3 Steps for Protecting Anyone Who Goes On Your Roof

For the 12th year in a row, OSHA’s annual list of most frequently cited standard violations found a lack of Fall Protection – General Requirements to be the #1 most cited violation. As a premier commercial roofing company, commercial roof safety is paramount. And as employers who value the lives and safety of employees and […]

Critical Supplier Designation Letter

Per the executive order, as of Monday 7/13/2020, every employee and guest must wear a mask to enter the building. As a provider that protects and maintains the safety and management of your assets and critical inventories, we are open and here to help your business to continue to run smoothly through this ever-evolving crisis. […]